Slave/Submissive’s Application & BDSM Checklist

To apply, send The Goddess an e-mail to and include the following, as well as information about yourself…be articulate, respectful and candid in your application…entice Her to notice you! :

  • What style of session you’d be interested in.
  • Your specific experience in submission and your limits.  If you do not have experience or limits, describe what you fantasize about, what porn/websites you watch/visit, what are your sensitivities, and/or why you are seeking Domination service.
  • Include your height, weight, age and information on any and all physical concerns and/or limitations.
  • Do you have any of your own accessories/toys/insertables? If so, describe them and know that The Goddess would like you to bring them to your session.
  • The best time slots and days you are hoping for a session .
  • Note that once She receives your e-mail application and e-mail address, She will respond to acknowledge the receipt of your application and She will engage you in some e-mail conversation.  She may also send you a checklist of possible BDSM activities that you will complete and return to Her.  Once that is complete, you will reply to Her acknowledgment e-mail with your completed checklist attached. This list must be delivered to The Goddess prior to your Consultation and first session or training date. Once The Goddess has both your application and your completed BDSM list, She will contact you for a phone interview…tsk, tsk, tsk…aren’t you a lucky submissive wanna-be!